AZONTEK INTERNATIONAL is a manufacturing company of following Products and supplying all over the world since 2002

Surgical Instruments (Single use & Reusable)
Orthopedic Instruments / Gynecology Instruments / Urology Instruments / Abdominal Instruments / Retracts / Forceps / Scissors / Hollow ware products / Surgical Tweezers  

Dental Instruments (Single use & Reusable)
Orthodontic Pliers / Extracting Tooth Pliers / Surgical Forceps / Scissors / Impression Trays / Scalars / Probe / Tweezers and many more products 

Beauty care / Manicure Instruments (Single use & Reusable)
Nail Cutters / Cuticle Nippers / Nail & Foot Filer / Acrylic Cutters for Dogs & Cats / Corn Cutters / Eyelashes Tweezers / Plucking Tweezers / Lady Tweezers / Manicure pedicure instruments kits with stylish packing

Salon Product / Scissors 
Professional Hair cutting Scissors / Professional Thinning Scissors / Pet Scissors / Lady Scissors / Household Scissors / Tailor Scissors / Fancy Embroidery Scissors / Plastic handle multi-purpose Scissors / Universal Scissors / Dressing Scissors / Bandage Scissors / Shaving bowl / Towel / Apron / Barber Vest / Shaving Razors with blade and without blades / Barber Chairs / Comb / Nail Clippers 

Veterinary Instruments 
Hoof Knives set / Clamps / Retractors / Forceps / Surgical Instruments / Horse Products / Pet Products / Horse Seat / Cow Products 

AZONTEK INTERNATIONAL was established 1992 as a local manufacturer of all above mentioned products and later on secured its position globally. Since 2002 we started our export to KUWAIT / GERMANY / FRANCE / ITALY / POLAND / USA / CANADA / AUSTRALIA and now we are stand all over the world Alhamdulillah. 

All our products are manufacturing under one roof and high quality control system and every product is being checked from forging to final packing process with very carefully. We also have well experienced team who is doing his job with honesty and sincerity.

AZONTEK INTERNATIONAL has become a quality conscious supplier to the markets around the world continuously serving well reputed brands. For in person meeting and customer care we do have our representatives in USA and AUSTRALIA. Our goal is to provide high quality and cost – effective products. We pledge to provide you with finest in materials from raw material to the final packing. We are constantly looking for opportunities to work with new companies around the world and willing to make cordial business relationship with them.